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VAT Refunds

Reclaiming VAT



Travelling inside the EU

VAT registerd businesses can claim VAT on the products they buy at Manchester Airport for their business, meaning that they can take advantage of a 'double discount'. Our prices are discounted to match the VAT free prices available to non EU destinations, so they still include VAT which you can claim back.

Please note not all shops participate in this scheme.

Non EU Residents

If you are a resident of a country outside the EU and wish to reclaim VAT on goods purchased at the airport, you should produce the relevant forms and goods to a Customs Officer on duty in the Departure Lounge in the Terminals.

The Customs Officer will then stamp the form and hand it back to you. The form should then be returned to the shop where you bought the goods – they will then provide your VAT refund.

Please note that HM Customs does not refund your VAT directly to you, and it is a requirement for claiming back VAT that the goods and the VAT reclaim form must be presented together to the Customs Officer. This process takes place so that export of the goods listed on the form can be verified.

If you reside outside the EU, you may also reclaim VAT on goods purchased in the UK which you are 'exporting'.

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